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22 Years of Excellence in Software Development


From IT Projects to Production Management Software

We started our journey of entrepreneurship by performing IT projects about 22 years ago. Our field of expertise has been the application of IT in management, and more especially, Project Management, Production Management, and Quality Management. In a production management information system, we developed software that covered different processes of production including Engineering (BOM), production and order scheduling, warehousing, sales, and after-sales services


Our First Step into Project Management Software

After that, we decided to develop software for Project Management. We studied PMBOK and based on that, 20 years ago, we released the first version of it as web-based software. It covered most of the bodies of knowledge mentioned in PMBOK.


Lessons Learned: The Pitfalls of Overreaching

As it was a successful product in the market, we decided to develop the most comprehensive Project Management software covering all aspects of Project Management. For two years, we struggled to analyze, design, and develop any requirements in the market. That was a great experience for us because when you develop software that satisfies every need in the market, you end up with software that satisfies nothing! It was very complicated, difficult to learn and work with. We could not sell that version of the project management software, even to one customer. That was a valuable lesson for us. We learned that any software product should respond deeply only to a specific section of market needs. No software can be the answer for the entire market. Although we failed to sell our product, some enterprises ordered us to develop tailor-made project management software for them based on our capabilities


Pivoting to Data Warehousing and Integration

After a while, we decided to shift our market focus. So, we developed software for data gathering across enterprises with numerous subsidiaries. It seemed easy at first glance; however, it was complicated. There are many types of data within different systems or outside of information systems in Excel, FoxPro, and MS Access files. So, we developed a data warehouse and ETL, and even a form generator to make all data compatible with the same format. After that, we developed dynamic reports and dashboards for different management layers of the organization. Nowadays, this software can manipulate billions of records of data. It is a credit to us. We can develop queries and tune them so that there is no lag in reporting and dashboards.



A SaaS Masterpiece Born from Hard-Won Lessons

After that, and at the same time, we decided to develop another Project Management software in the form of Software as a Service (SaaS). By then, we had experienced enough failures to understand the market and its needs. So, we designed and developed It is tailored to meet the needs of both small businesses and enterprises. The uniqueness of TaskBrowse lies in its task board for users, daily schedules, and timesheets. Its report and dashboard builder are flexible and powerful, reflecting our extensive experience in data warehousing.

In 2019, we established Behsoft OÜ to bring to the market, offering innovative project management solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses.